Excellent Training

We believe that our resident and guest directors are some of the most qualified musical theater instructors in Cache Valley. We pride ourselves in insuring that our directors remain on the cutting edge of all things musical theater. We also cap the number of students in our classes to give each camper the chance for one-on-one interaction with their directors. Overall, we strive to provide the best training available and make sure that each student learns something new each day of class.




building confidence

Creating art through musical theater helps children develop confidence. We strive to amplify this through providing students the opportunity to exercise their creativity, work with their peers towards a common goal, and by receiving continual, positive feedback. We are dedicated to making sure each student walks away from their experience with more self-esteem and confidence than when they started.






Musical theater is a blast and we do everything we can to keep it that way! Our directors approach every class and lesson with a happy, energetic, and positive attitude. We enjoy creating an environment where our students feel comfortable being their quirky, crazy selves. We feel passionately that big smiles and lots of laughing are keys to successful learning.


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